The ePCR Difference

Nemsis CompliantUsing electronically completed and submitted Pre-hospital Care Reports offers tremendous advantages over traditional methods. We invite you to explore these benefits and learn what exactly they can do for your agency.

No Physical Paperwork

  • With the push for elimination of paper record keeping in healthcare, ePCR's are definitively the future of EMS documentation.

  • There is no paperwork to keep stocked in your units, copies to track or space consuming archives necessary for storage.

  • They significantly decrease the risk for HIPAA violations and eliminate lost reports.

    Legible, Organized and Readily Available

  • Reports are easy to read, eliminating any confusion secondary to poor handwriting.

  • Quality Improvement and Billing can quickly find and retrieve the information they require without digging through stacks of paperwork.

  • ePCR's are always accessible and can be referenced far faster, whether the call was yesterday or a year ago.

    Facilitates Complete Reporting

  • 'Call Rules' and assessment checklists help make documentation more comprehensive and thorough.

  • Eliminates accidental omission of critical information or relevant assessment findings. This decreases exposure to litigation for both the provider and agency.

  • It speeds completion time and enables more reliable billing.

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